Healthy Again: I’m Fat Because I Have a Job…And Other Excuses

Today is Day 23 of my “Healthy Again” journey.

I have not gone running since the last time I posted a week ago. As a result, I have been hesitant to post any updates, but Lilac Blue encouraged me not to slack on my commitment to keeping readers updated. So, I’m here to confess.

Becoming a “lady again” is no easy task. After years of habituating to a mentality that puts appearance, health and well-being in the back seat and giving career the priority, it’s so hard to change my thinking to one that accepts that in order to get new results and have a complete makeover from the inside out, I need to break old patterns.

I keep waiting for the perfect moment to make necessary changes in my life.

I tell myself I’ll buy healthier food when I have more money, and I’ll exercise when I have more time. However, when will I have more time and money. My current excuse for falling behind on my marathon training is that I came up with an idea for an e-book that I want desperately to complete the first draft of by this coming Sunday.

I’ve been telling myself that once it is complete, I will start running again.

This is a slippery slope, because once you lose momentum on something like this, it’s hard to bounce back. I think I should just try my best to stick to my commitments, but that truly is a daily struggle for me. There always seems to be something that needs to be done, and most of the time it has to do with money.

Which brings me to a very important question: Do men expect too much from women?

I mean, many of them want us to  raise children, cook, clean and make money all while looking like Beyonce or Angelina Jolie.

You may or may not be surprised to find that I do not think it’s the men who are expecting too much. If anything it’s the “cash culture” that’s expecting too much. Cooking, cleaning and raising children have to be done in order for humanity to survive. Expectations about how to make money and how much money you need are the biggest hinderance to health and well-being, in my opinion.

Do you agree? Do you think society has too many expectations for women? Do you think men do? Do you think neither do? Do you think the problem comes from elsewhere?

Feel free to answer in the comment section.

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Author: African Femininity

African Femininity is a first generation American-born Nigerian. That basically means, her parents were immigrants and raised her with a mix of selective cultural values from both traditions. Needless to say, this left her with a very dissonant understanding of what being a “lady” meant. Now, as an un-married 30 year old woman, she is on a mission to delve to the root of being a woman in a world where conflicting cultural values and traditions are leaving many confused and disillusioned. She use the power of the pen to defend a woman’s right to choose her own lifestyle: be it housewife, social climber or being conventionally employed. Check out her Amazon author page for books written by her at

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