Healthy Again: #Bingeconfessions, #fattyslap and accountability

Since my first “Healthy Again” post, I have been running on and off, but not consistently.

Since then I’ve created a hashtag called #bingeconfessions where I have to confess every time I binge.

I want to start other ways to keep myself accountable for my weight loss journey.

I have decided that I’m going to also send out an automatic tweet to my Twitter followers at 9AM everyday reminding them to send me a #fattyslap if they have not seen a tweet from “MapMyWalk” yet saying that I have done some running.

So, the rule is, when you see a tweet that says:

twitterslap“It’s 9AM! You know what that means… #sexyclap or #fattyslap?”

That means that if you’ve seen my running tweet of the day, send me a tweet @fastinggirl on twitter including the hashtag #sexyclap and if there has been no running tweet that day, send me a tweet including the hashtag #fattyslap.

I think it would be cool if more people joined in on this in order to inspire each other to workout and get in the habit of keeping our fitness commitments!

Are you looking for a fitness accountability partner? Leave your twitter handle in the comment section below and let us know how we can help!

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Author: African Femininity

African Femininity is a first generation American-born Nigerian. That basically means, her parents were immigrants and raised her with a mix of selective cultural values from both traditions. Needless to say, this left her with a very dissonant understanding of what being a “lady” meant. Now, as an un-married 30 year old woman, she is on a mission to delve to the root of being a woman in a world where conflicting cultural values and traditions are leaving many confused and disillusioned. She use the power of the pen to defend a woman’s right to choose her own lifestyle: be it housewife, social climber or being conventionally employed. Check out her Amazon author page for books written by her at

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