Easy Cooking for Busy Women

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I am a terrible cook. I burn things, I undercook meats, and I cannot seem to find my way around a spice rack. Did I mention that I burn things? Like, every week. So much so that I have an intimate relationship with my smoke detector (if it goes off, just wet a towel and fan the detector; that should turn the alarm off in a few seconds). I have even burned pots…with water! Another tip: If you find yourself boiling water for tea, remember to make sure that the pot has enough water in it first, otherwise you will melt the pan. My cooking skills are so bad that I have had to throw away four pots within the last two years. I know, I am that bad.

But there is room for improvement. I have made it one of my resolutions for the new year to learn how to cook excellent meals. Why? First, I want to be more feminine and have cooking skills is part of being womanly. Second, I am getting bored with my own meals—I usually I cook gluten-free spaghetti every week, since it is so easy to prepare and bring to work. My next commonly-prepared meal is turkey tacos. Next, is turkey meatloaf and steamed vegetables. Boring… Then there’s also the issue of taste. I often have to force myself to eat my own bland and overcooked meals, since I already paid for the food with my own money (no point in throwing the food out, am I right?).

Learning how to cook was not on my radar until I traveled to San Francisco earlier this month to visit my godmother. Being the morning person that she is, she woke up early every day (around 6:00a.m.) to fix me a hot breakfast of bacon, grits, eggs and fresh biscuits (while I slept). She even offered me fruit in case I wanted some. Now, if this had been the reversal, and she came to visit me, I would have woken up at my usually weekend time (9:30a.m.) and walked with her to the nearest diner for breakfast. I would have assumed that she would enjoy a decent breakfast at a local eatery—I would have never even thought to cook her home-cooked meal. First off, I can barely cook for myself, let alone another person. Second, I did not bother to buy a dining room table, which makes home entertaining nearly impossible.

Photo by sv_timemachine
Photo by sv_timemachine

I also saw beautiful examples of feminine women cooking when I traveled to Guatemala and Mexico this year. As I traveled up and down the east coast of Central America, I saw dozens of women in aprons cooking fresh corn tortillas on the side of roads and in front of their homes. It was amazing to watch men pulling over in their cars to purchase tortillas from the women. I thought, can I offer any home-cooked meals that men are willing to pull over to buy?

I guess I am your typical American woman in that I cannot cook a decent meal. I want to change all that this year. I want to be a women who entertains. And does not burn things! From this point forward, I am vowing to learn how to cook decent meals. Since I am busy running out of the house during the weekdays for my office job, I would like to make it a habit to cook a basic breakfast of eggs, plantains, turkey bacon and grits on the weekend mornings. I also plan to try two new dinner recipes every week. I am also henceforth eliminating brunch from my routine—I will cook my own meals instead, even when I have guests.

I’ll blog about my cooking experiences in the next few months and share recipes. Look out for the photos on our Twitter feed @Fastinggirl. Here are a few beginner recipes I want to try:

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