Why Modern Women are Miserable

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In a way, the situation women wake up in today is more dire than the one of thirty years ago…Despite sweeping government programs, tens of billions of dollars in social spending, and massive social upheaval in the name of sexual equality, you have to glance through a newspaper or switch on the news to be subject to a litany of gloomy statistics about today’s women: We are more likely to be divorced or never married at all than women of previous generations.We are more likely to bear children out of wedlock. We are more likely to be junkies or drunks or to die in poverty. We are more likely to have an abortion or catch a sexually-transmitted disease. If we are mothers, even of infants and very small children, we are more likely to work at full-time jobs and still shoulder the bulk of housework as well.

Photo by Nathan Rupert via Flickr
Photo by Nathan Rupert via Flickr

Conservative commentator Danielle Crittenden made those observations more than 15 years ago in her book “What Our Mothers Didn’t Tell Us: Why Happiness Eludes the Modern Woman,” and every word expressed in the book rings as true then as it does now. In the book, Crittenden takes feminists to task, arguing that their aggressive push for complete equality in workplaces, bedrooms, marriages and the military has caused women to ignore critical gender differences between men and women that have shaped societal norms and rules for hundreds years. Radical feminist policies have created societies where women have more rights in the workplace, the voting booth and the bedroom, but have fewer opportunities to have children, faithful relationships with men and stable marriages.

WhatOurMothers book.What is unfortunate is that the book, which was published in 1999, can still be considered a fair and accurate critique of the dating and workplace issues women are struggling with now. If anything, relationships between men and women have downgraded further, which is evident with the growing popularity of the pick-up artist subculture that encourages men to have one-night stands with women and the explosion of anti-male sentiments that have led feminists to defend women who lied about being raped (see “Columbia Mattress Girl” and “UVA Liar”).

Crittenden argues that the unhappiness women experience today is the inevitable result of feminist ideologies that encourage young women to have sex indiscriminately with men (even though most women actually want committed relationships), teach women to think of marital dependency as oppressive and constricting (even though a great marriage must consist of two people fully committed to the relationship, not just two independent people living together) and tell women to reject full-time motherhood (even though full-time care is best for young children).

Trying to lead identical lives as men has made women miserable—particularly women who did not realize that they needed to spend their younger and fertile years wisely planning for marriage, and children. And Crittenden is right that gender differences need to be contemplated more—women are fertile for a significantly shorter time than men, women want to spend more time with their children and women age differently (i.e., a successful man is marriage material at any age, while a successful older women is not as desirable).

“What Our Mothers Didn’t Tell Us” changed my life by introducing me to traditional and conservative viewpoints on dating, marriage and childrearing. The book is my Red Pill. Before I read the text, I knew that I didn’t want to end up like some of my stressed out office colleagues, who worked long hours and frequently put their jobs before their own children. I also knew that I wanted nothing to do with the hookup culture of having casual sex with strangers—I knew that I wanted commitment. This book helped me to better understand the reasoning behind many of the fears and anxieties I felt about dating, marriage, divorce, aging and work. I highly recommend the book for anyone who wants to learn more about why the current dating market is not working.

Best Takeaways

  • “If young, attractive women offer no-strings-attached sex, then men will have no pressing reason to tie themselves down. This might be of little concern to a woman who is not yet ready to settle down, but sooner or later it will become of urgent concern.” (“What Our Mothers Didn’t Tell Us,” 43)
  • “All the sexual bravado a girl may possess evaporates the first time a boy she truly cares for makes it clear that he has no further use for her after his own body has been satisfied. No amount of feminist posturing, no amount of reassurances that she doesn’t need a guy like that anyway, can protect her from the pain and humiliation of those awful moments after he’s gone, when she’s alone and feeling not sexually empowered but discarded. It doesn’t take most women long to figure out that sexual liberty is not the same thing as sexual equality.” (31)
  • “If previous generations of women were raised to believe that they could only realize themselves within the roles of wife and mother, now the opposite is thought true: It’s only outside these roles that we are able to realize our full potential and worth as human beings…How often have you watched a TV show or seen a movie or read a novel in which a woman is celebrated for finding the courage “to be herself” by leaving a marriage or starting a new career or telling a boorish husband he’ll have to make his own dinner from now own? Her actions are not seen as selfish—or when they are, her selfishness is seen as payback for all the centuries of women’s selflessness and sacrifice to men.” (60-62)
  • “Elaborate rituals that used to govern relations between the sexes were based on the understanding that women, as child bearers, required the protection of society against men who might recklessly use and abandon them.” (42)
  • What a woman is aware of, at around the age of twenty-six or twenty-seven, is a growing, inchoate dissatisfaction, a yearning for more, even if her life is already quite full…She starts noticing the mothers all around her—especially young, attractive mothers—pushing strollers down the street, cooing at their babies in supermarkets, and loading up their shopping carts…Alas, it is usually at precisely this moment—when a single woman looks up from her work and realizes she’s ready to take on family life—that men make themselves most absent. This is when the cruelty of her singleness really sets in, when she becomes aware of the fine print in the unwritten bargain she has cut with the opposite sex. Men will outlast her. Men, particularly successful men, will be attractive and virile into their fifties. (66-67).
  • If we are not willing to do much for our husbands, we can hardly expect them to be willing to do much for us…The long-term surrender of their freedom, the unshrinking shouldering of the financial burdens of a family—the sacrifices they used to make in exchange for a woman’s agreement to run the home—are sacrifices fewer men are willing to make. Women have gained the right to move into all spheres of society; men, from their point of view, have only lost their right to domestic comfort. (94)
  • By encouraging men and women to strive for this sort of precise equality within marriage, we have left women and their children much more vulnerable to the whims of their husbands than ever before. The protections the law once afforded to women who made economic sacrifices for their families no longer exist. They were abolished when we rewrote the divorce law in the name of sexual equality. (98)
  • It will be even tougher for a woman to take time out from her job to stay home with her kids if, before giving birth, she’s been especially adamant about the fairness and equality of her marriage. Asking her husband to shoulder the whole burden of being the breadwinner will not necessarily strike him as “fair” or “equal.” (100)
  • This loss of faith in marriage explains why my generation may be so zealous about making sure their marriages are so equal: A modern couple’s desire to keep their arrangement strictly balanced, at all levels, is actually a way of protecting each partner’s self-interest in the event that the marriage dissolves. (104)
  • Of course, no woman should cease to be loved simply because she is old. But a society that refuses to acknowledge that age touches women very differently from the way it touches men—a society that shrugs as good enough marriages are dissolved after twenty or thirty years—is a society condemning millions of women to loneliness.” (153).
  • It may not be so ironic then, that the happiest memoirs among the elders of the women’s movement are by those who led the most conventionally female lives…Betty Friedan takes enormous pleasure in watching her own children become parents and in being a grandmother…Meanwhile, Gloria Steinem, alone in her fifties, devotes herself to writing a book about finding self-esteem. (160)


Crittenden writes much of the book in a broad narrative style that includes many generalizations about women. Though, as a young woman who is in her twenties, I know much of Crittenden’s observations to be true, it would be nice if she included statistical data to back up many of her claims. For example, when talking about working mothers, she writes, “Yet whether you work because you want to or because you have to, the outcome for women is the same—the nagging, underlying worry that what you are doing is hurting those you love most.” It would have been nice in that instance to read about findings from a study on the guilt or anxiety working mothers may feel.

Overall Opinion

The book sparked my interest in the Red Pill/manosphere subculture because it encouraged me to accept my own womanly inclinations. It’s why I can now recite 20 facts about sex and dating that feminists don’t want you to know. I stopped ignoring and dismissing my desire to get married and have children, and I stopped putting my career on such a high pedestal. I highly recommend the book and I plan to give copies to young women in my family and social circle.

Now, I encourage others to do their part to build and support feminine, family-oriented women. What are you doing to help teach young ladies about traditional family values? Start working to change the tide today by sharing helpful information with impressionable women:

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Author: Lilac Blue

Lilac Blue is writes about femininity, love and family in a world that has been drastically altered by industrialization, secularism, misandry and misogyny.

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  1. Wow!! I love this post! It’s so weird that I was having a similar conversation with my fiancé about achieving equality in our marriage. And the more I spoke the more I realized it’s not even feasible to me. I have these notions in my head of what a woman should be, her duties and all…. How she shouldnt settle for being a subservient barefoot and pregnant wife….. Avoiding all the stereotypical taboos but deep down I’m comfortable doing the traditional roles but I just don’t want to risk being walked over in my marriage so I have to put on a ” we are equal” front.
    Hmm this really gave me something to think about.

    1. Chichi, you should get the book, which goes into details about the purpose of gender roles in traditional marriages. Trying to achieve equality in your marriage is the kiss of death because men and women are inherently different. We are not androgynous beings!

      1. My wife also wanted an ‘equal’ marriage. I whole heartedly agreed.
        One week she would do the traditional male chores and I the female chores.
        Having previously served in the armed forces, cleaning, ironing etc were easy and quick tasks to complete, a little each day and the house stays tidy.
        She didn’t do too well with the yard work, keeping up to date with the maintenance on the house and cars etc.
        Equality only lasted three weeks…..

        1. Excellent idea!

          I like “equality.” I like women don’t need men anymore. It’s her turn to change the flat tire in the snow. That hot water heater isn’t replacing itself. Laptop crashes? Could take hours to fix, maybe days if you’re a beginner.

          I sometimes hear women lament about the washer/drying breaking down, or their car isn’t running well, often they try to disguise asking for help as a series of questions designed for me or a man to maybe decide to help her out.
          I’ll reply “well… this sounds like something a strong very independent woman can handle no problem” It’s even more fun if an ex girlfriend is asking. She wants to do her own thing so … have fun.

          Funny men don’t run around proclaiming they don’t need anyone, we’re strong independent men, ect…

  2. Flip it around… Erica Jong was the first to promote the “shag the badboy” ideal in Fear of Flying in 1978. This was dramatised in the film “Looking for Mr Goodbar”. Game/PUA was a reverse-engineered adaptation to this in the early 2000s. Think Compaq reverse-engineering IBM’s PC BIOS in 1985.

    The complaint in the 90s was voiced eloquently by Bill Hicks in “chicks Dig Jerks”.

    Basically the Sexual Marketplace Value rating was inverted from the Actual Value.

    Crossref http://www.reddit.com/r/MGTOW/comments/1u5nnh/av_vs_smv/

    1. Alex, thanks for sharing the thread. Chasing the alpha male bad boy may be fun, but it doesn’t make women happy at the end of the day.

      …You linked to a MGTOW thread. I’m trying to learn more about MGTOW because it seems like a cultural phenomenon that isn’t getting a lot of attention.

      1. Women’s reasons for chasing only bad boys is such bull shit, real bad boys don’t want people to know they’re bad.

  3. The red pill is bitter pill to swallow.

    And once you see with open eyes, it’s a flood of anger… realization and disillusionment.

    Do you know what’s really liberating? It’s not sexual freedom, it’s the freedom to realize that NOT having sex is actually preferable, all things considered in today’s gender climate.

    MGTOW is definitely growing… however those under it’s flag often “ghost” and disappear for the most part. Gone from dating sites, gone is the drive to find a mate, gone is the pressure of being what society wants us to be.

    Japan’s “Herbavore culture” is a sign of things to come: More adult diapers being sold than baby diapers each and every day.

    The cure? There isn’t one.

  4. A red pill woman? Oh please, give me a break. The red pill is not for you. It is for the dozens of men who need to realize that women are inherently hypergamous and no amount of social conditioning will ever make them otherwise. It’s not for some woman to try to “be one of the guys” or “one of the cool girls”. By definition, the red pill is inherently disempowering to women. Your team said you don’t need men. Guess what, we don’t need you either. No amount of pretending you didn’t know better is going to make up for the 40+ years of misandry your gender made men endure. I really just hope in the future, men will find a way to reproduce without you, and will chose to only have male children. And no, I’m not talking gendercide. I want women to have to live through the experience of what it’s like to be rendered absolutely obsolete knowing that no man will ever care for them anymore. May women go the way of the dinosaur.

    1. …But not all women agree with the dominating “team leaders” that we don’t need men. In fact, more women are starting to speak out publicly (i.e. #womenagainstfeminism) that the anti-male hate has to stop. Perhaps the tide is turning and there is hope for the future?

      1. All women might not agree- How many have actually spoken out against the unfair systems that harm men?
        Men now require deeds, not words.
        It is much easier to walk away, than to play the game.
        So far I have helped three young guys, from work and my social circle, to avoid the state contract of marriage. I hope to help many more see the light and avoid marriage.

        1. @Jake Interesting thoughts, though I disagree a bit with your disdain for marriage. I admit that, yes, men are getting an unfair deal from the family court system and the divorce courts. It is 100% true that men and women should be working together to stop the misandry in the court system. But(!), does that mean that men should boycott the system? Because to boycott the system is to produce children in homes that are not as stable and protected as they could be. To abandon marriage is to abandon a tradition that has prevented many of the societal problems we see today, such as single motherhood, broken homes and violent and underachieving young boys. There is a clear connection between single motherhood and generational poverty. So, does your solution to boycott marriage bring us closer to starting a revolution to end misandry, or does it promote more chaotic and dysfunctional families? I don’t know the answer. Either way, I’m working to get married now.

          1. +lilac blue The MGTOW gives women exactly what they say they want – equality. Women abandoned the marriage contract a long time ago. Men are abandoning the pre-divorce, pre-livelihood destroying, pre-family court ritual known as taking a trip down the aisle. We have been told by so many women for so long that they don’t need us and we have gotten the message. Guess what? We don’t need you either. We will keep our sperm and our paycheck to ourselves. 21st century women have nothing to offer a man. Why would a man want to risk his liberty and livelihood for access to one particular vagina when they are a dime-a-dozen in the sexual marketplace? It’s not our fault, it’s yours. Cheers.

          2. Why are you working towards getting married? For what purpose? Your own words m’Lady:

            “I’m not sure if the Red Pill community has a stance on cheating, but I can tell you about how I tackle the subject in my own personal relationships: I prescribe to the “don’t ask, don’t tell” theory. I do not want to know if my boyfriend has meaningless one-time sex with another partner, but I expect that he will use protection and that he will make the affair a one-time fling. I know this is a bit risque to say, but I just don’t feel that it is necessary to destroy a relationship because of a one-time sexual encounter.”

            Why in the name of all that is sane would ANY man ever consider marrying you since you hold this view of marital fidelity as “don’t ask, don’t tell”? I do think you would profit greatly with some masculine correction and guidance, or remain single and spare a man the grief you will bring.

          3. @DrumRunner59: I never said that I like the idea of cheating. I’m just thinking about it from a factual/evolutionary biology point of view. If 60% of people in monogamous relationships are going to cheat (and that is true), does that necessarily mean that all of those people are bad people? Can’t some people make mistakes? Also, you have to remember that you are viewing cheating from your own cultural lens, even though that lens may be a flawed one. In many cultures around the world (i.e., France), cheating is frowned upon and yet not the abomination that Americans make it out to be. I don’t like cheating, but I also don’t like disrupting a family structure for one mistake.

          4. Lilac Blue,
            “I never said that I like the idea of cheating. I’m just thinking about it from a factual/evolutionary biology point of view. If 60% of people in monogamous relationships are going to cheat (and that is true), does that necessarily mean that all of those people are bad people?”

            In my opinion, yes, cheating makes them bad people. They have WILLFULLY broken vows/promises to a spouse or mate to have sexual intercourse with someone else. You have mentioned making a “mistake” of screwing around as if you walked into a dark room, tripped on something and accidentally fell right onto that strange dick or pussy, totally an honest mistake. Perhaps it was soooo dark that you thought that the person you were having sex with was your SO? Be real, if you cheat, you take selfish advantage of the situation to fuck; you have free agency and you choose to break your relationship with your mate. Cheating is not a mistake and never can be; it is a deliberate and conscious betrayal of trust

            “Also, you have to remember that you are viewing cheating from your own cultural lens, even though that lens may be a flawed one. In many cultures around the world (i.e., France), cheating is frowned upon and yet not the abomination that Americans make it out to be.”

            And that statement is false. I have lived in France for quite some time and I can tell you that this is complete bullshit. However I am curious how a supposedly different cultural view of infidelity should become a normal pattern for your own? I will submit my own cultural example(s) then: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq…in some countries infidelity of the woman still carries the death penalty. Should western men adopt that particular cultural lens as normal?

            “I don’t like cheating, but I also don’t like disrupting a family structure for one mistake.”

            A personal question if you do not mind? Have you ever been cheated on or cheated on someone while in a “committed” relationship? I placed committed in quotes since I doubt you truly understand the meaning of being committed to someone. It means being 100% faithful; sexually, financially and emotionally to the one person you love and value. I was cheated on once a very long time ago in a marriage, I divorced her quickly and threw her out of my life entirely. Was my family disrupted? Yes of course it was for a while. My divorcing her was not the root cause of the family disruption was it? Her betrayal by fucking another man other than her husband was the cause.

            But all this is fine, you may not like cheating but you will tolerate the occasional “mistake” from either yourself or your mate, correct? After all “60% of people in monogamous relationships are going to cheat” anyway, right? Hmmm, that still leaves the odd 40% of couples that don’t.

            I do wish you well, perhaps you may mature enough to recognize that cheating on a spouse or mate is betrayal of the highest order and should never be tolerated. If you think that you cannot keep your promises of sexual fidelity to a man who might wish to marry you, don’t bother to marry at all. Just live together and enjoy what bit of intimacy you can find together in this brief span of life. After all what would be the point in marriage except to give you the legal rights to destroy your spouse in a divorce?
            Perhaps that IS your purpose in pursuing marriage; to be able to get cash and prizes someday from an ex-husband?

            Lilac Blue, I am extremely fortunate to have had a second chance at a 100% monogamous marriage with a true lady of sterling character and faithfulness for the past 25 years. I can tell you that a woman such as my wife adds value to her family and is highly valued and loved in return.

          5. No revolution would end misandry and boycotting marriage wouldn’t promote chaotic or dysfunctional families. I believe a majority of men have watched their Brothers, Fathers, Uncles, Grandfathers and friends suffer needlessly at the hands of women and are at a point that they want to live and let live. I mean, women say they don’t want to cook or clean for a man and that’s fine. But, if the woman isn’t particularly wealthy, she’ll end up cooking and cleaning for herself to some degree. If men already learned to maintain their own home, sex may not be reason enough to bring a woman it and risk all you’ve made for yourself. The trust just is not there for most men now.

      2. unfortunately lilac its too late women had their shot at redemption for the past 40 years and they blew it its a sad shame really we never wanted this but we won’t be pushovers any longer women are just going to have to endure the economic and societal collapse they wrought upon themselves. we couldn’t fix the system even if we wanted to and most women wouldn’t listen to our suggested reforms (your gender has voting majority) im sorry but we saw the torpedo in the water and we jumped ship.

      3. Thank you. I think a bit of strategy is in order for men too. Sure there are loudmouths, mostly women but a lot of men too, proclaiming a new civilization where it’s not exactly clear how children will come about, but by golly everyone’s rights are jealously guarded.

        And then there are people finding each other, having babies, and raising families, who are special to each other for having avoided all that nonsense. The women who do this generally just do it, not asking permission, not announcing a movement.

  5. Louis Wirth once described urban life as continuous aggravation and frustration on the basis of an overload of social interaction leading to poor social relations and personal misery.

    Maybe Calhoun’s rodent utopia and ‘behavioral sink’ weren’t just applicable to rats and mice but are simply an extension of the inevitable implosion of a society be it human or rodent. Not so much on the basis of overpopulation but more on Wirth’s theory of an overload of social interactions.

    So as with the rodent utopia the human females turn feral turning into the ‘men they wanted to marry’ and the males retreat into hedonism (or simply go psycho) being forever lost to the procreation of the species.

    There’s a certain bitter irony in the fact that a few thousand years of technological advance seems to be the only thing separating us from a common rat.

  6. This is a critically important and valuable article. Unfortunately, in this “don’t judge me” and “don’t tell me what to do” narrow minded world, it will be met with lots of resistance from “modern” women, but the ones whose mind is open and flexible enough will find this to be an incredible important food for thought.
    Most people agree that the drive toward gender equivalence (not equality) will progress further and further. I think men are paying the price for putting women down for decades (mad men style) and now women feel the need to overcompensate for prior injustice by being on a power trip and go overboard with feminism in more ways than one. Perhaps it will take a generation or two until things calm down and no one feels like they need to prove anything to anyone.

  7. “What Our Mothers Didn’t Tell Us” changed my life by introducing me to traditional and conservative viewpoints on dating…

    Just to be clear, are ou saying that you weren’t aware of the traditional approach before you read about it in this book? That would be very worrying, as it would mean that young people are missing out on the accumulated wisdom of centuries – in effect they would have to start learning the lessons of generations of experience all over again.

  8. I really think you hit a bullseye regarding the response to a woman wanting her man to pay the bills so she can be a mom. In fact I personally enjoy the equality … or at least I like talking about it.
    “Looks like it’s your turn to fix the car, looks cold out there best bundle up.” Not that it happens but it’s fun to watch the whole everything should be equal evaporate “I changed every flat tire we’ve had, I’ve done it this late in subzero temperatures like tonight, the supplies are in the trunk, it’s equal if I get to wait in the car for the next few flats.”
    When I hear from an ex girlfriend who repeatedly finds herself in a spot where her car needs a small fix or an appliance or her computer & she doesn’t have money to pay for the repair. She wasn’t too keen on expressing gratitude as it contradicted her feminist narrative about her independence. I find myself saying “well that’s nothing a strong independent woman like yourself can’t handle.” enjoying every word.

  9. As a baby-boomer man and having seen a lot of things change in women’s attitudes and actions over time, I don’t see a lot of hope until men truly get angry about being shafted by Western society. Simply put, men have to refuse to accept anything less than fair treatment and start standing up for themselves–legally and in relationships with women of any kind, in any circumstances. Part of this is understanding that sex is an option, especially since their are tons of alternatives out there these days. Another part is that young men need to start taking care of themselves spiritually, financially, physically, mentally, and professionally. They should also do a long, hard search for a woman who brings equal values and value to the table–and accept nothing less and don’t even think about getting married until 35. Feminism has turned into a narcotic for too many women and they are hooked on the constant, unearned privileges that Western life provides. Women are all to often geared to ‘want their cake and eat it too’, so forcing women to play on an actual level playing field will meet with all the kicking and screaming of the red-faced obese child whose mother is trying to wrest the candy bar away. There is a slow but growing tide of men becoming aware and teaching younger males to take their own needs very seriously and to calm their own minds and think before acting, especially about women. There will come a tipping point where women instinctually realize that men value themselves and their welfare more than the momentary pleasures of sex–and then women will get scared. In a sense this is already true because reasonably attractive and healthy males–because of feminism–have more access to sex, from elementary school into their 70s, than ever before. Females are literally throwing themselves at males from puberty on. The careful and financially successful male can have no-strings-attached sex with tons of young women for as long as he desires. I would say about 20% of men are able to lead that kind of life and the number will grow, but only 1% of women can–beauty and fertility having a definite shelf-life and all, means that number will probably not grow. A wife and family are important, but we males have to realize that nothing, and I mean nothing is more important than taking care of ourselves and living a decent, intelligent, and hard working life. I don’t advocate violence, but men need to just start saying “NO!” and then following through. Women need to get a clue and start looking at the growing and aging legions of women who are ‘fair, fat, and forty’ and who are alone, with little hope of companionship, no matter what feminism preaches about the ‘sexual prime’.

  10. I went MGTOW and my mental health improved 100%. I don’t date, I won’t ever marry, I live for myself. My time and money are my own.

    I am happier now than I’ve ever been. I really don’t even miss women anymore. They were always such a hassle anyway.

    I wish women all the best. All I want from them us too leave me alone.

    Mgtow is the best way for men.

  11. Well that is very easy to explain since the women of today are Nothing at all like the Good old fashioned women were years ago that were so much Nicer and a lot Easier to meet for the men back then which today many women are very Spoiled And Selfish since many of them have their Careers today. Today many women Unfortunately are very Pathetic and Not Nice at all to meet which i have just mentioned which is the Real Reason why many of us Good men are still Single now. They’re very much to Blame for that why many of us are, when many of us Should Have been all Settled Down by now with a real Good Wife And Family that many of us still Don’t have today. Most women now want and expect the Best and will Never settle for Less since they’re so very Money Hungry as well. Quite a Change in the women of today compared to the women of years ago Unfortunately which these women today will never go with a man that makes much Less Money than they do. It is just too bad for us Good Single Men that we weren’t born at a much Earlier Time since Most of us really would’ve been able to have Avoided this mess today which really speaks for itself. What a Hell of a bad time for us to have been born.

    1. In my opinion, women haven’t changed. Their true nature has simply been revealed. Men worked outside the home to provide and women took it as a slight. I only wish I had that choice… to not worry about work? I’d gladly stay home with the kids, cut the yard, etc. but women still want the man of status/power/money and made it more difficult for men to do just that.

  12. a lot of girls have become satanic disease laden receptacles. they are fat and low class and tend to be into incegnation. they ruin themselves with disgusting tramp stamp tattoos and piercings then come down with syphilis, gonorhea and hepatitis or hiv and want to infect as many men as possible. they vote for communism and want mandatory castration under hilary clinton. they become lesbian and
    become the man they wanted to marry, men have wised up to alpha f beta bux hypergamy and get worthless degrees with high student loan debt and abort babies and expect men to marry them so they can frivoce for cash and prizes. they have bad hygeine and smell like dead fish and are disrespectful and will all need drugs to zombie out while men say no thanks

  13. “and realizes she’s ready to take on family life—that men make themselves most absent”

    So it’s fair to say men were present at one time, when women were of the age men are interested in starting a family with?

    -some women weren’t bright enough to know a very basic fact, other people aren’t on your schedule so compromising to work together is a certainty best be flexible & opportunities don’t have a schedule, they ,might not return (no matter how much you want it to) don’t waste yours?
    -love, like lightening strikes but once or twice if you throw love out what evidence makes you think you’ll get another chance? (say you just felt that way so I can laugh at you)
    -2+2=4 (no matter how much you might want a different answer)
    -rain falls down

    Some women plan their lives with people they don’t know, or not met, without agreeing, showing up, acting in the way they want on their terms at the right time in the future? Seriously?

  14. The modern woman is not happy,because she does not talk like a woman,look like a woman,act like a woman,does not have longer hair and is leading the world in abortion,obesity,single motherhood, and divorce while calling herself strong and independant while being absolutley flat broke and looking for a sugar daddy…

    As a mans equal doesnt cook anymore,or fill the mans belly she supposedly loves like he does with her when he takes her out to dinner,while claiming to be equal to men who built everything she will touch today.Men are fed up…Why bother dating a woman in a western culture at all…Who brings nothing to the table but her ginormous vagina entitlement syndrome.Kermit gives the inner and outer miss piggies of America the flipper.

  15. It is very sad to say but it is a real known fact that mental retardation among women now is at an all time high unfortunately. No wonder why many of us good men are still single today since they caused it.

  16. Lonely and increasingly desperate women who as feeling the call of nature that has been with our species for millions of years are now confronted with the reality of increasing number of men realizing their own personal sovereignty is in serious jeopardy were they to have ANY personal contact with a ‘modern’ western woman.
    At 51 years of age, I have seen a lot in my life and traveled to 43 countries thus far and have come to the conclusion that western women are toxic in virtually every way. Financially, emotionally and personally. The female culture in the west has largely adopted feminist thought otherwise we would not have the female dominant legal structure against men.
    This I say to all of you women. Your culture has embraced this, now live with it. Alone.
    I will never again risk my financial independence for a woman ever again. It took me 25 years of marriage to figure that out, however I am now the wiser for it. I encourage all men of any age to do a little introspective examination.
    Are you happy with your life? Are you financially secure or merely a draft horse for an unforgiving and domineering witch who believe whats yours is hers and you’ll just go out and earn money to buy another one.
    Give the MGTOW movement another ten years and western civilization is finished. Further, it’s not just opting out of relationships with vampire squid self indulgent female masters, it is about the larger picture. Go on strike for the sake of demonstrating to society what happens when the abused withdraw their consent to the abuser. Work and invest for yourself and yourself only. Let the results of collective thought run their course. The timid and weak will perish and the culture will be renewed again. We are in the beginnings of cultural winter. Spring will come when those women who are approaching the end of their capacity to bear children find themselves totally alone to the company of a male counterpart. They will live alone. They will die alone. I care not in either case as I live for myself now. No one else.

  17. I became a mgtow over 15 years ago before there ever was a name for it. I haven’t had a relationship since and never will again. Women are just selfish, arrogant, shallow and generally useless. I’ve watched them emotionally and financially destroy men around me, or at least they did. Most guys I know have figured out that women in this day and age have absolutely nothing to offer anyone except bullshit.

  18. I am 52, lived in several countries and had girlfriends from various nationalities. In my youth I climbed mountains, crewed boats, travelled the world and had a great life. If I had not met and married my Latina wife 17 years ago I would also be MGTOW now.

    After 20 years of marriage my 57 year old brother divorced 5 years ago and has gone MGTOW. He loves his life now and is flourishing and every year since his divorce has been out trekking and climbing in Peru/ India and Africa. He was lucky after his divorce and managed to keep his house, his business and his life and told me NEVER again will he marry/ cohabit.

    So here is some advice from my brother and I – avoid western women if you want marriage – or better still avoid marriage, cohabitation and children altogether. As a single independent man with practical skills you can lead a fulfilling and happy life without the burden of women.

  19. Patriarchy is the only way. No bullshit voting rights, no special privileges for women. Unless you can accept this, you don’t deserve a man. I believe violence against women is justifiable if that women cheats on her husband. I have misogynistic views because most women are feminist’s. Now don’t you dare give me that “Not All Women Are Like That”. Your power lies in youth and childbearing and submission to male authority. This is a view shared by Spanish Falangist’s and the father of it, Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera. Falangist ideology is Catholic, and Catholicism is extremely patriarchal, it encompasses the Catholic Social Doctrine as laid out in pt.25 “Our movement incorporates the Catholic meaning– of glorious tradition, and especially in Spain– of national reconstruction. The Church and the State will co-ordinate their respective powers so as to permit no interference or activity that may impair the dignity of the State or national integrity.” You may call me a misogynist but i don’t care if you use the word misogynist, it is nothing but a badge of honor to me.

  20. Well lets face it unfortunately which most of these type of women do have a lot of mental problems which is why many of us good men today are MGTOW because of these very troubled women. And most women nowadays just don’t have any respect for us men anymore as well as having very horrible manners too. Thank God for most of the real good old fashioned ladies that we had in the past which made love very real back then compared to these very pathetic loser women today that have really destroyed the dating scene for many of us men.

  21. Below is a post I sent to another thread regarding @Metoo

    I think that there are some realities that have to be looked at here. I will not believe that every women is a victim or potential victim of sexual abuse. I was simply stating that I have seen over a 50 year period so many women across racial lines put themselves in questionable situations, then act surprised. I am not saying that is a excuse for her to be victimized I am asking at what point does she also take accountability and responsibility for herself? Not the Disney version, but a real honest version?I have heard over the years many women say they want men to be honest, yet I have seen and experienced at times that when a man is honest, and if the woman does not like the truth that man is shut down. He is either shamed for his honesty, or worse she may try to change his view point so that she can tolerate a watered down version of his honesty. I was raised with a simple credo Evan, No means No, hesitation means NO, and a yes from her is a possible NO waiting to happen.Our society still tells women to not honestly communicate their desires or lack thereof to men. there are women who will use their sexuality to manipulate a man, and men who do the same. If however women are supposed to be coy, shy, not forthcoming, and many men are raised to be the aggressor, the protector then that as I said in my earlier comment that is a disaster waiting to happen, and it has and still does happen.When a man speaks his mind and his comments are automatically called misogyny then how does that foster honest communication?I do not have all the answers, but Evan, I think it honesty starts with Women taking a cold hard look at themselves. Being honest with themselves about what they want. Then communicating that honesty to men. the same holds true for men as well. Sanity in my opinion is what we are missing more and more and more. In my opinion the way you reclaim sanity is to be honest I mean brutally honest with yourself, communicate that honesty so there is no misunderstanding, and also realize there are consequences for your actions. In short #A/R= (accountability and responsibility). As humans we need each other, to build, love and make life better and better. Men and women in my opinion are equal between their ears, with their ability to understand each other and to be compassionate to each other and more.The moment we just claim victimology, and not accountability then that is a problem. Where humans go from here is up to all of us Evan. However I do not think constant attitudes, victimology, and acting scared of each other or drawing battle lines in the sand helps.I could be wrong Evan, but I will take that chance, and time will tell!Thank you for letting me respond again!

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