The Bachelor Review: Ladylike Behavior

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The Bachelor is back. How exciting! You may ask, how can feminine explorers at Ladies Again watch a show where young women compete and drool over one guy? Because we like to think about all things related to dating and relationships. The Bachelor also provides a great deal of accidental social commentary. With each episode, The Bachelor holds up a mirror to all of the confusion and bewilderment facing today’s generation of young people trying to navigate the murky waters of the mating market. There’s plenty of material for romance and dating junkies to dissect, review, learn and reject. Today, we bring you the hits, misses and red flags from the most recent episode.

What Happened

Photo of Ben Higgins
Ben Higgins

This year’s Bachelor is named Ben Higgins, and he’s a tall and dark-haired software salesman from Warsaw, Indiana. He’s very handsome, much more so than last year’s country-boy bachelor. And yet, Higgins has a boy next door charm about him, but at the same time sort of gives off naughty frat-boy vibes. I’m positive that he is just an aspiring actor just like everyone else in reality television, but this season should be entertaining otherwise.

The women seem to be quirkier than usual. One contestant brought a pony to the opening ceremony; another showed up dressed in a pajama one-piece. Another nutritionist brought bread for Higgins to break and destroy. Ugh. There were a few additional minority women this season than what is typical–there is even three black women this season! Perhaps the ABC producers are heeding to public outcries about the lack of diversity on the show.

Unlady-like Mistakes

Being Too Forward: I’ve never seen a situation where a contestant asked directly for a kiss and everything went well. In my experience, it is usually best to wait for the guy to make a first move. Lace is a contestant who did not wait for Higgins to make the first move and try to kiss her, so she asked for a kiss directly and then experienced rejection when Higgins told her he felt they were moving too fast. Later she asks him “Did you even notice me, do you know my name? Hello?!” Yeah, not a good way to be feminine.

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