The Bachelor: Cooking Skills Matter

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Can you cook? That is the major question hovering over this week’s episode of The Bachelor. As with every episode, there’s plenty of material for romance and dating junkies to dissect, review, learn and reject. Today, we bring you the hits, misses and red flags from the most recent episode.

What Happened

In terms of action or drama, this episode was pretty bland. Ben takes the women to Mexico City for an adventurous trip. He takes one solo woman along a tour of the historical ruins and goes on another one-on-one date with another woman at a fashion show. He liked and kissed both women. Next he takes a large group of women on a group date, where they learn conversational Spanish and later compete in a cooking challenge. One woman is escorted out and eliminated unceremoniously for having a bad attitude.

Learning Lessons

Cooking Skills Seal the Deal: In the group date, the women who knew how to cook won the date with the guy. It seems like the The Bachelor is imitating real life right there. We’re working on getting better with cooking at Ladies Again.

Unlady-like Mistakes

Don’t Show Your Grumpy Side: There is a point on the group date where it is clear that one woman, named Jubilee, has had it with group-dating the Bachelor. And she’s right, it is strange to have multiple women date, kiss and snuggle with the same man day after day. But, it is a strange situation that she signed up for willing, so there is no reason to pout and be negative on The Bachelor since she agreed to participate in the dating arrangement. Instead, she should have left the show gracefully like a lady if she was unhappy. Real ladies maintain their composure in the face of adversity.

Leave the Ex-boyfriend Talk Alone: One woman on a date discussed her rocky past with an ex-boyfriend. She mentioned that her ex-boyfriend cheated on her multiple times. Why would she share this information on a date? No good could come from discussing a former spouse with someone you just met, especially not a former spouse who cheated on you. Doing so lowers your mating market value because you are admitting that someone else thought so poorly of you that they cheated on you multiple times. Leave this conversation for your therapist, not your boyfriend.

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Author: Lilac Blue

Lilac Blue is writes about femininity, love and family in a world that has been drastically altered by industrialization, secularism, misandry and misogyny.

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  1. Not cooking as much as what do bring to the relationship? I cook better than any of my ex’s, but they brought things, skilks, something.

    If the man does everything, why does he need you? PS, sex is only going to go so far.

    You have expections for the man, guess what , he has expectations for you.

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