Touch of Sophistication

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I haven’t written in some time for Ladies Again because I’ve been so busy preparing for nursing school. In the past few months, I have had the opportunity to observe different groups of women in various environments, including at school and at my part-time job in an upscale hotel. For the past few months, I have seen the way the women can be kind, thoughtful and supportive, and, at times, competitive, demeaning and cruel to others. In each environment, I noticed that some women carried themselves better than others by choosing to refrain from engaging in catty or cliquey destructive behavior.

There was a clique of women in one of my classes that would gossip about other students, and sigh loudly or giggle when a student would ask the professor simple questions or when a student would struggle to complete lab assignments. Those women were immature and childish. But I noticed that there are other women in the class who asked thoughtful questions during the class and stayed mostly to themselves. It was the same situation at the hotel job–some women engaged in catty behavior and gossiped about their coworkers or customers, while others stayed mostly to themselves.

I believe that the women who choose to ignore catty behavior are much more sophisticated than the women who engage in cliquey, mean-girl behavior. Those women tend to be much classier, introspective and emotionally intelligent people than the women who engage in school-girl cliques. Sometimes it is easy to get wrapped up in gossiping about others or joining others in griping about an issue, but it takes a great deal of strength and restraint to refrain from negative and destructive behaviors.

What are you doing every week to be calm, collected and classy? And how do you decide when a woman is sophisticated?

Author: Lilac Blue

Lilac Blue is writes about femininity, love and family in a world that has been drastically altered by industrialization, secularism, misandry and misogyny.

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