One Date a Week: My Red Pill Diaries

One Date a Week

Last New Years Eve, I made a promise to myself that I would take dating seriously in the year 2016, the year when I turned 28 years old. I knew that a great partner was not going to stroll into my life, so I would need to find the right partner for me. My demands were simple: I wanted to find a stable, attractive, intelligent and traditional man to marry. When I say “traditional,” I meant that I am looking for a man who openly acknowledges traditional gender roles and who wants his wife to take care of cooking and cleaning the home while he takes care of providing for his family.

Photo by David Yu via Flickr
Photo by David Yu via Flickr

In short, I was looking for a Red Pill man. But the question remained: Was I a Red Pill Woman? I knew that after years of reading writings from the Manosphere, I had to make significant changes in my life to attract and keep the right man.

Singles graph
Singles graph

I also knew that at 28 years old, time was my enemy. I spent too many years of my youth with a man who had no plans to marry me, and I hated that I allowed myself to waste so much time on the wrong person. So I decided to start anew by putting the odds in my favor and moving to a new location within the U.S. with a high number of single men.

I also made the commitment to find ways to embrace my femininity by learning how to cook and taking salsa dancing lessons. Finally, I quit my masculine high-stress job to pursue a new caretaker career in the medical field. By taking my career off of a high pedestal, I found that I had more time to pursue other ventures, like learning how to sew or study more effectively.

When I jumped in the dating world, I did what most people my age do when they want to find that special person: I opened an online dating account. Then, I opened a few more. And then I went on a few first dates. Err, then I went on nearly 25 first dates in a year. I met some of the men during my day-to-day commute, but I met most of them via online dating apps.

Each date was unique in its own way. From this point forward, I will journal my dating experiences on Ladies Again. Hopefully, you will all learn from my chaotic, exciting, and sometimes emotionally-draining dating experiences.

Author: Lilac Blue

Lilac Blue is writes about femininity, love and family in a world that has been drastically altered by industrialization, secularism, misandry and misogyny.

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