Spring Beginnings at Ladies Again

We’re now in the thick of the spring season, and new beginnings are already starting to form for us here at Ladies Again. The latest news is that we have a new writer, known mononymously as Camille, who explores beauty, social class, and female social dynamics. Camille currently moderates several subreddit discussion forums on Reddit that are active in the femininity-discussion space, such as Feminine Not Feminist and Red Pill Wives.

Snapshot of Feminine Not FeministWith Red Pill Wives, Camille says that she gets the opportunity to facilitate abstract and theoretical conversations about femininity. “My goal with that community is to encourage women to celebrate femininity and think a bit bigger, question their worldviews and assumptions,” said Camille. She started the Feminine Not Feminist (FNF) subreddit to give conservative beauty-lovers a space to breathe.

“[Feminine Not Feminist] started a couple of months ago because Reddit’s beauty communities are either really shallow or super leftist. Anytime a woman left a conservative comment she received downvotes and harassment….Several women from multiple subreddits reached out to me―complete strangers at the time―they saw me calling out other women for being hypocritical leftist bullies.

“The goal for FNF is to have a community of like-minded women discussing all things beauty related, obsessing over products, venting about frustrations, and of course having more in depth discussions where we don’t get punished for thinking differently!” she writes. Camille will soon launch a new blog, called, Aesthetic Distance, which will focus on beauty, class, and female social dynamics.

Conservatism and Grace BlogWe also have new updates from our contributor Candace Graves, who runs her blog Conservatism & Grace. She has spent the last few months keeping busy with a new job and a new focus on her health.

“Receiving chiropractic care, nutritional advice, vitamin injections, and supplement support has helped me to ‘optimize’ my health,” she writes. “As a young woman who hopes to be a future wife and mother, I think it is very important to take care of yourself while you are still healthy―before you get sick!

She has most recently been able to focus Conservatism & Grace more on her faith as a Christian.

“It’s honest and raw―simply documenting my struggles and victories in my daily walk with Christ,” she said.

Moving into spring and summer, she is excited to continue learning about how to thrive as a feminine woman. She plans to read the classic book “Fascinating Womanhood” by Helen Andelin.

Marry MoneyOne of our writers is switching careers and joining the technology field. For the past few months, longtime writer African Femininity attended coding bootcamps, where she learned to code. She landed a job as a software developer at a government contracting firm, and is excited to see what life as a coder will bring. African Femininity started a new project to build the website Marry Money Plan, where she educates people about benefits, risks and implications of social climbing through marriage. She recently celebrated her 33rd birthday, and is now interested in focusing on nurturing her closest relationships, building her financial legacy for her family and getting healthy.

Author: Lilac Blue

Lilac Blue is writes about femininity, love and family in a world that has been drastically altered by industrialization, secularism, misandry and misogyny.

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