Healthy Again: Can Your Really Change Your Genetic Destiny?

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So, my healthy again journey is going well.

If you are following me on twitter, you’ll see that since I started the #sexyclap/#fattyslap accountability system, I have been consistent with getting in my morning runs before 9AM. (“Hashtag: winning!” as they say in da streetz)

As for my nutrition commitment, I had not been doing as well,…until now.

I’m starting an interesting new nutrition lifestyle based off of a book by a doctor who claims you can “change your genetic destiny to live the longest, fullest, and healthiest life possible.”

I even created a blog dedicated to the GenoType I was assigned by the book. The site link is below.

On my diet blog, I will be describing my journey to live the lifestyle this doctor recommends and documenting what I notice in terms of health, wellness and ease of adaptability.

Also, depending on how effective it is and how successful I am at maintaining it, I hope to make it a resource unto itself for others with the same GenoType who are seeking empowerment in living the lifestyle. Feel free to check out the blog or follow me on twitter. Links below.


My GenoType Diet blog:

My twitter account:

Article about Genotype Diet:

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