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I’m beginning to see a common thread between much of the language used in popular culture about relationships between men and women. There seems to be a great deal of game playing going on. For every tip about “game” written on Red Pill/manosphere forums, there might be double the amount of language made available for women in popular music, self-help books and other sources. One book stands out as the pinnacle dating bible for women: “The Rules: Time-tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right,” by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider,” was published more than 20 years ago. Full of manipulative dating tips, such as wait for him to call and pretend to be busy, the book continues to be read widely in spite of its very obvious flaws. Why is game playing so popular among dating gurus?

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Men Admit What We All Know: Career Women Suck

Career Woman
Career Woman
Having a powerful career will only make motherhood harder.

Manosphere blog Return of Kings published one of this week’s best articles, titled “Career Women Are Pretending To Be Men.”

The article simply states what all intelligent women already know–career women are terrible, sad misguided individuals who have been brainwashed to prioritize money over their families and children. Who wants to wait until they are 58 to have deformed special needs children? Answer: Career women. Who wants to wake up early to shuttle their infant children to overcrowded daycare centers? Career women. Who thinks they can stay young and fertile forever? Sadly, career women.

Luckily, manosphere writers frequently discuss the myth of the successful career woman. We have a special love of manosphere blogs here at Ladies Again because those are often one of the few places where men speak candidly about love, dating and marriage. Best of all, manosphere writers provide solid feedback that women can grow and learn from. While some of the articles are outlandish and obviously click-bait chum, many articles help feminine women learn more about the male psyche. At the core, manosphere websites agree with some of the same philosophies as blogs written by conservative and feminine writers in that they all argue that today’s “women’s movement” is actually just misandry.

Additionally, manosphere writers agree that the sexual revolution has created a raw deal for women by giving men more power to dictate the terms and conditions of sexual relationships (these men enjoy taking advantage of all of the easy sex). Thanks to feminism, traditional marriage and childbearing are out, while rampant promiscuity is more popular than ever. Thanks a lot feminist.

If you’re new to the manosphere concept, try reading the following articles to start:

Isn’t this snippet from Return of Kings the truth?

Men do not want to marry some tired-out late 30s bossy middle management troll, who’s only a few years shy of menopause and needs $50,000 of IVF treatments just to have a 3-month premature spawn. This is an abuse of technology that should be outlawed. The world is awash with starving children—how can any sane person force their body to have children under the current global circumstances, when they made a life choice to sacrifice their fertile years for a career?

If feminism wanted to do something positive for the world, it would have backed women to have real training from 16-20 in areas of childcare, homemaking and so forth, while encouraging men to knock up young hot wives and build families and communities. A couple of my female friends have diplomas in catering and hospitality and they do a damn fine job as homemakers.

As the man ages he’s less likely to stray, still having a young pretty wife and feeling comfortable in a solid family base, in which both partners are happy and the woman has plenty of time in her later years to find herself a suitable career and avoid the empty nest syndrome or empty call of cougardom. What’s more, her income would give the man the chance to spend more time at home when the kids are older, less childish, and more in need of male authority, as opposed to feminine supervision.

Feminism’s role in the decline

Feminism encourages women to throw away their best years slutting it up in university and some dead-end career she either fails at or winds up compromised in because of children. It demotivates men by watering down the workplace and universities, while giving them little incentive to be successful and build a family and community. There are natural laws that cannot be changed. Instead of trying to compete with men, feminism could have looked for solutions in which all parties win.

You cannot argue with the truth, and the manosphere is just articulating ideas that all traditional women know are true. And we thank them for saying what needs to be said.

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