The Age Panic


There is an unspoken rule in Western society that life begins to degrade rapidly after age 30. Why? Because all of the worse parts of life happen after then. Sagging skin, balding crowns, infertility, middle management. Mediocrity.

In the dating and love realm, the message is clear: You had better figure out life and marry someone by the time you reach 30, or else no one will want you. This rule is applied much more stringently to women than to men (much of this has to do with biology, of course). After all, no one wants to be associated with a cat-loving lonely middle-aged spinster. Older brides (like Meghan Markle) are judged harshly by public, but are judged nonetheless slightly better than single and childless people over 30. In many ways, it is much more socially acceptable to marry and divorce several times than it is to be single after a certain age.

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Wendy Williams is a Feminine Role Model

Wendy Williams and her son.
Wendy Williams and her son.
Wendy Williams and her son.

I have reason to believe that talk show mogul Wendy Williams is an anti-feminist―and I love her for it. In just six seasons, the veteran radio show personality has risen to the top by becoming the number one rated syndicated daytime talk show among the coveted demographic of women between the ages of 25 and 54. In addition to running her daily talk show, Wendy has a line of accessories and wigs. And in her downtime, she writes bestselling books. Wendy Williams is successful and driven leader.

I have followed Wendy Williams’ raunchy career since she was in radio in New York City years ago. When I had free time in college, I would rush to my dorm room to listen to her antics on the Internet radio. I loved listening to her outspoken quips, but best of all, I loved her loyalty to her husband, children and family. It is clear from listening to Wendy Williams that while she is proud of her career and her legacy, she is more proud of the family life she has created. I get the sense that Wendy thinks her career is important, but that it is not the totality of her existence. She clearly understands that family is important, and that is why Wendy Williams should be praised.

Here’s a few reasons why I suspect that Wendy Williams is feminine anti-feminist:

She is proud of the close relationships she has with her son and husband.

If you have watched The Wendy Williams Show for more than 15 minutes, you know that Wendy Williams loves her son and husband. In fact, Wendy Williams’ husband has served as her manager for many years, and allegedly, runs her show with an iron fist. It is clear that she loves her husband and is thankful of the family life they have created together.

Wendy Williams and her husband Kevin Hunter
Can you get more masculine than this? Wendy Williams and her husband Kevin Hunter.

Wendy Williams has spoken in detail about scheduling her show early in the morning so that she can come home before her son arrives from school. Beyond Wendy Williams, it is rare to hear a successful woman discuss their family in such a manner, especially to talk about restructuring their work schedules so that they can be at home with their children. It is usually the other way around. In my professional career, I have met women (and men) who changed their children’s school, hobby and sleep schedules so that they could work long hours without interruption. In one job, I work with a woman who dropped her young children off at daycare at the crack of dawn every day so that she could work longer hours at the office.

She allows herself to be feminine and vulnerable.

It is rare that you see a successful woman discuss her own femininity in the way that Wendy Williams talks about her womanly prowess. Despite her large size, Wendy is one of the most feminine figures on daytime television (as opposed to butch Ellen DeGeneres, butch Whoppi Goldberg and butch Rosie O’Donnell). She is constantly talking about makeup, accessories, shoes and wigs. Lots of wigs (I love wigs too!).

Wendy Williams even allows herself to cry publicly, something you will almost never see if you hang around stiff successful women in the hallways of America’s offices (they are too busy pretending to be men to cry):

She praises masculinity and recognizes biological differences between genders.

I love Wendy’s outspoken nature and I am always shocked when she says things that others are often too afraid to say. And that includes discussions about the decline of masculine men, a subject that the liberal media will never discuss because they support the decline. Celebrities Puff Daddy, Tyler Perry, LL Cool J and Usher refuse to appear on her show because she has repeatedly called them “gay.” She is feminine and she only respects men who are masculine. I agree with her assertion that passive, feminine men are unattractive. Viva Wendy Williams!

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